Role of ODT Hub Operations

ODT Hub Operations operates a 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year service.

ODT Hub Operations is managed by the Head of Hub Operations, Michael Stokes (pictured), and is supported by a number of hub operations shift managers (x5) and national transplant liaison coordinators (x24).Michael Stokes, Head of Hub Operations

The role of ODT Hub Operations is varied and includes a range of responsibilities:

  • donor referral service for all potential donors
  • Undertaking registration checks on the Organ Donor Register (ODR)
  • Receiving and recording information on potential and actual donors
  • Matching and allocating organs in accordance with the national sharing schemes
  • Registering patients on the super/urgent heart/lung, super urgent liver listings
  • Providing a limited out of hours registration service for Elective patients
  • Transport coordination and flight authorisation
  • Coordination and allocation of the National Organ Retrieval Service
  • Organs for research
  • Gathering patient follow-up information post-transplantation
  • Implementing procedural changes based on advisory group output
  • Responding to general telephone enquiries outside of normal working hours
  • Monitoring building security and services
  • A central point for expert advice on offering and allocation, also a calming voice in the organ donation chain

Contacting ODT Hub Operations

Direct dial: (0117) 975 7580

Switchboard: (0117) 975 7575

Direct fax: (0117) 975 7599

In the event of a phone failure the phones will automatically switch to the ODT Hub Operations using the emergency phone number (0117) 931 4777.

Please note that this number should only be used if the direct line number is unavailable as described above.