Incident Reporting

Urgent incidents

Call ODT Hub Operations on 0117 975 7580 if the incident is urgent and may affect the quality and safety of an organ for transplantation or the treatment of recipients or potential recipients.

This call should be followed by completing this online form

Tell us about an incident

Tell us about an incident by completing this online form

Positive transport fluid results

Tell us about positive transport fluid results by downloading and completing the Rapid Alert – Positive transport fluid results form and emailing it to 

Why reporting incidents matters

Everyone involved in organ donation and transplantation wants to ensure that transplanted organs are as safe as possible for the recipient, and donor family care is provided to a high standard.

To achieve this, we need people to report all incidents and near misses.

Incidents, including near misses, will be evaluated and investigated, and where appropriate, practice strengthened to prevent recurrence and any future patient harm or donor family distress.   

Everyone shares the responsibility to make things better for all involved. Often people think an incident or near miss is a one off or nothing to worry about. They feel there are no benefits to reporting or don’t want to complain or tell tales. However, what may seem a small thing, may in fact be a wider issue.

Serious Adverse Events and Reactions

All UK establishments licensed under the Quality and Safety of Organs Intended for Transplantation Regulations must report Serious Adverse Events and Reactions (SAEARs) to NHSBT.

More information about SAEARs and regulations