Learning from excellence

Learning from excellence not only provides recognition of great practice, with timely feedback of specific details, but also focuses on what can be learnt.

There are no certificates, ceremonies, or responses, simply the recognition of a job well done.

Equally important, there is a focus on whether processes can be strengthened to enable the practice to be replicated easily by others.

Excellence is subjective and therefore there is no criteria of what to report; you’ll know it when you see it.

Please note

If you work in a profession where you need to revalidate, these can be used towards your revalidation - think about how they are relevant to your code or practice.

The reports can be completed by anyone about anyone who works within Organ Donation and Transplantation pathway, both internal to NHSBT and externally.

NHSBT staff please be aware that Learning from Excellence focuses on what can be learnt from excellence and providing timely feedback and differs from the Recognition of Excellence managed by the People Directorate.