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Information about how to access national and local data.

Data are collected for the UK Transplant Registry (UKTR), the Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Database and the Potential Donor Audit (PDA) through the DonorPath application software and a series of electronic and paper ‘forms’.

Data are submitted by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and hospital staff including Specialist Nurses for Organ Donation, National Organ Retrieval Service personnel, transplant surgeons, recipient transplant coordinators and other hospital staff providing transplant follow-up information.  

NHSBT has a policy about access to data from the UKTR, VAD Database or PDA through the Statistics and Clinical Studies Department

View the Data Access Policy

Summary information on how to access data is below and all forms can be downloaded

Summary information about how to access national data

Six standard national transplant datasets are currently available:

One general dataset:

  • Public Organ Transplant dataset

Five standard national organ and ocular tissue specific datasets are also available to applicants from UK transplant units for a consultant led study:

  • Liver Transplant dataset
  • Pancreas Transplant dataset
  • Kidney Transplant dataset
  • Cardiothoracic Transplant dataset
  • Ocular Tissue Transplant dataset

View the datasets (Excel 77KB)

A list of studies provided with data is available. Please review this page to ensure your proposed study is novel and not already being undertaken.

If you wish to apply for access to a national dataset, additional transplant related data, VAD data or national data relating to donors or the PDA, then you will need to complete the ODT Research Data Application Form (Word 213KB) for multi-centre and national research studies.

When completing the data application please ensure your request is clearly detailed including time periods, inclusion criteria and every data item relevant to your research and needed to perform the stated analyses.  Due to time constraints in preparing datasets the task can only be undertaken once per application.  Additional requests for data items or changes in the cohort after the data application has been completed will not be undertaken.

Once your application form is complete please email the form to

Relevant Advisory Group representatives or Research Groups review and approve these more detailed data applications to ensure appropriate data governance.  For all approved data applications a data release agreement will also need to be returned before data will be provided.

Summary information about how to access local data

Requests from transplant unit / hospital personnel must always be supported by someone at consultant level within the hospital - shown at least by inclusion of such an individual on an email request.

An appropriate request form must be completed if raw data for at least 20 patients or 5 variables are being requested or if the information requested is estimated to take more than one hour to provide.  If you wish to request local data or information, please complete the ODT local data request form and return the form to 

Please note: requests for data will be prioritised with other work and are not classified as urgent.

Publications resulting from successful data applications should acknowledge the source of the data (e.g. UK Transplant Registry held by NHS Blood and Transplant) and any publications using national or multi-centre data should include the following acknowledgement: "The authors are grateful to all the transplant centres in the UK who contributed data on which this article is based".

Download the data application forms

For multi-centre and national data:

Please review the list of research studies in progress to ensure your study is novel. 


For local data or information:


Data release agreement form:


Once your application form is complete please email the form to