Training Events

Transplantation is a niche area within most medical school and nursing curricula. The fields of Organ Donation and Retrieval are covered to a certain extent within postgraduate training programmes. Organ Donation and Transplantation (ODT) provides a number of training events to help cover this gap.

National events

The ODT Congress provides a number of training opportunities, including plenary sessions and smaller workshops. Congress also provides opportunities to present work as oral presentations or posters. This event is the premier conference on Organ Donation within the UK.

The Donor Surgery Masterclass is an annual two-day course to train surgeons in deceased donor organ retrieval surgery, and forms part of the core competency pathway for National Organ Retrieval Service retrieval surgeons.

Regional events

Most regional donation collaboratives host their own training events which are organised by the Regional Clinical Lead for Organ Donation together with the regional Specialist Nurse in Organ Donation team. These events may be targeted at potential referring clinicians, intensive care nurses or other clinical stakeholders. More details may be found on the regional donation collaboratives page.

External events

Other training events are run from time to time by the British Transplantation Society and the European Society of Organ Transplantation, including eLearning modules on Multiorgan Procurement Surgery and Surgical Techniques for Heart and Lung Donation.


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