Risk communication tools

These tools are to help decision making when considering a transplant. 

Patients should only use these tools in consultation with a medical professional.

Please note that these tools are only accessible via Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer Version 11 browsers.

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Access the tools

Instructions for use

These tools are designed for use with a standard screen size of 1920*1080 in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer Version 11.

If you have a smaller screen display than this, e.g. a laptop, then you may notice that the tool layout will include overlapping drop-down boxes and hidden text.

This will make the tool difficult to use and in some cases you will not be able to select the options in the drop-down boxes.

In order to correct the screen layout you must zoom-out in your browser to around 80%, or further if your screen size is particularly small.

To do this you can either click the options button on your browser (usually found in the top right of the screen displayed as three dots) and alter the zoom to 80%.

You can also hold CTRL and -/+ on your keyboard to zoom in or out, or by holding CTRL and using your mouse to scroll in or out. Once you have changed the screen size then you should be able to use the tool with no issues.

Give us your feedback

To give feedback or report any issues with the tools, please complete our risk communication tool feedback survey. The survey is anonymised.

If you would like a response regarding any issues you have been experiencing, you can contact us via email or post.

Email: statistical.enquiries@nhsbt.nhs.uk


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