NHSBT Organ Retrieval Virtual and Cadaveric Masterclass 2023

Why attend the masterclass?

In the UK, the National Organ Retrieval Service (NORS) teams retrieves organs from donors on behalf of transplant centres and the level of skill of NORS team members has a significant bearing on organ quality, organ damage and transplant outcomes.

Attending the Organ Retrieval Masterclass equips delegates with the knowledge and skills required to work within NORS.

Step-by-step teaching in abdominal and cardiothoracic retrieval with expert retrieval surgeons and practitioners will be complemented by cutting edge demonstrations of emerging technologies.

About the course

The Virtual Retrieval Masterclass is open to all UK and International delegates.

The Cadaveric Retrieval Masterclass is open to UK delegates (Perioperative and surgical only). Should demand exceed availability, priority for the Cadaveric Masterclass will be given to surgeons who intend to lead a UK NORS Team and gain full registration with NHS Blood and Transplant as a NORS surgeon. Further priority will be given to surgeons with less retrieval experience.

To manage the various priorities, all registrants for the Cadaveric Masterclass will secure their place on the waiting list with payment. Final allocation will be made according to availability and refunds will be provided where appropriate.

Both the Virtual Retrieval Masterclass and the Cadaveric Retrieval Masterclass are considered mandatory for those seeking full registration as a NORS surgeon. However, the Cambridge Cadaveric Masterclass is a new offering that we are testing for feasibility. We hope that this will meet the training needs of the community.

If you require further information, please contact: Professional.DevelopmentODT@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Who is the course for?

The course will be aimed at practitioners with an interest in abdominal (liver, pancreas, kidney) and cardiothoracic (heart, lung) organ retrieval and transplantation.

  • UK surgeons seeking full registration with NHS Blood and Transplant to lead their NORS team
  • Surgeons with an interest in solid organ retrieval from deceased donors
  • Healthcare professionals with an interest in organ donation, organ retrieval and organ preservation such as perioperative practitioners, perfusion specialists and intensivists

Course fees

Part 1: Virtual Retrieval Masterclass

  • Surgeon - £250
  • Surgeon (low-income countries; IHPBA) - £100
  • Surgeon Refresher (certificate) - £125
  • Perioperative - £100
  • Perioperative Refresher (certificate) - £50
  • CLOD/Intensivists (full 3 day course) - £100
  • Intensivists (day 1 only) - No fee
  • NHSBT Specialist Nurse - No fee
  • NHSBT Non clinical (day 1 only) - No fee

Part 2: Cadaveric Retrieval Masterclass

  • Surgeon (UK only) - £350
  • Perioperative (UK only) - £100
  • UK Surgeon attending the Virtual and Cadaveric Masterclasses - £600
  • UK Perioperative attending the Virtual and Cadaveric Masterclasses - £200

Delegate feedback from previous courses

"Clear explanation of how to manage retrieval in a good and humane way and respect of our donor organ and their family"

"Entire course programme well structured, well delivered"

"Great choice of topics, way of delivering, organisation and mixture of theory and practice"

NHSBT Organ Retrieval Masterclass: Virtual and Cadaveric Registration



If you have an informal enquiry, please contact the Professional Development Team

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