Cold storage organ perfusion fluid issue

This guidance is for healthcare professionals involved in organ retrieval and transplantation.

We are aware of several incidents regarding cold storage organ perfusion fluid, Belzer University of Wisconsin fluid (UW), from the supplier Bridge to Life UK, concerning leakage and contamination of fluid.  As a result, Bridge to Life has advised the quarantine of any stock from the affected lots.

Transplant centres are encouraged to report any adverse reactions in the transplant recipient after receiving an organ preserved with UW fluid.  

NHS Blood and Transplant has advised all National Organ Retrieval Service(NORS) teams and transplant centres to switch to Custodiol HTK solution, an alternative perfusion fluid. We are holding regular calls with Bridge to Life, the MHRA and the HTA to monitor progress with the investigation.

For more information, please see advice on the Government website.

If you have any further questions, please contact Emma Billingham at