Lead Nurse Recipient Coordination

Lead Nurse for recipient coordination;

The post of Lead Nurse Recipient Transplant Coordination sits within the directorate of Organ Donation and Transplantation (ODT) of NHSBT and is accountable to The Head of Clinical and Nursing Governance. The Lead Nurse in Recipient Coordination acts as a professional specialist nursing lead for recipient coordinators (RTC) in the UK and is an expert clinical link between NHSBT and recipient transplant teams, senior Trust /Board managers, clinicians and specialist commissioners. The aim of the post is to work in partnership with transplant professionals in order to ensure that there are appropriate systems and processes in place to deliver a good quality clinical service.

Key duties include;

  • Interpreting and communicating health service policy, legislation and strategy in order to establish goals and standards for recipient coordination in a national service.
  • Facilitating the agreement of National standards and guidelines for recipient transplant coordinators.
  • Responsible for the practical implementation and evaluation of specialist policies/protocols/national strategies which impact on service development UK wide.
  • Provide specialist information and education to RTC community.
  • Identifying national organ lead recipient transplant coordinators to represent the transplant community at organ advisory groups and act as a national resource with their specialist knowledge.
  • Facilitate cohesion and collaboration between the SN-OD and RTC communities.
  • dentify governance issues relating to recipient transplant coordination and make recommendations for strategic and local changes where appropriate.
  • Guide RTCs, trust board managers and clinicians to formulate long term strategic plans.
  • Assist RTCs by providing expert advice in the planning and production of annual business plans, annual reports, audit reports and educational strategies.
The role of the recipient transplant coordinator is to support and guide the recipient through their transplant pathway. Transplant coordination begins when a patient is referred to a transplant centre for consideration of an organ transplant and follows the recipient though the whole process into long term post transplant follow up care.

The post of Lead Nurse Recipient Co-ordinator is currently vacant.

Please contact Liz Armstrong, Head of Service Development for any assistance

Telephone:07590 352 311

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