Ocular Advisory Group Membership

Membership information for the Ocular Advisory Group.

Chair - Mr Derek M Tole

Regional Representative - North West - Mr Mark Batterbury

Regional Representative - Scotland - Dr Iain Bryce

Regional Representative – West Midlands - Mr Ewan A Craig

Regional Representative - South Central - Dr Parwez Hossain

Regional Representative – Yorkshire and the Humber - Mr Nigel James

Regional Representative – North East - Ms Zoe Johnson

Regional Representative – Wales - Mr Vinod Kumar

Regional Representative – London - Mr Frank Larkin

Regional Representative – Northern Ireland - Prof Johnny Moore

Regional Representative – East Midlands - Mr Jeremy Prydal

Regional Representative – East of England - Mr Madhavan Rajan

Regional Representative – South East Coast - Mr Michael Tappin

Regional Representative – South West - Mr Jon Luck

Royal College of Ophthalmologists Representative - Mr Peter J McDonnell

Royal College of Ophthalmologists Representative - Mr Damian Lake

CTS Eye Banks representative - Prof W John Armitage (Lead rep) and Mrs Fiona Carley

Non - CTS Eye Banks representative - Dr. N Jordan and Dr. Khilan Shah

Manchester CTS Eye Bank Representative – Dr Isaac Zambrano

Eye Retriever Representative - Dr Liezl Gaum (Maternity) - Dr Irena Reynolds (Fulfilling)

Representative from Commissioning Groups - Ms Zoe Scott

Governance, SaBTO-MSM and SAC-TCTP Representative - Dr Akila Chandrasekar

Eye Retrieval Scheme and SNOD Representative - Mr Anthony Clarkson

Department of Health, London - Ms Triona Norman (ad-hoc)

Associate Medical Director - ODT - Prof James Neuberger

Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation - Ms Sally Johnson (ad-hoc)

Scientific Advisor – ODT - Prof Sue Fuggle (ad-hoc)

NHSBT Tissue Services Representative - Ms Helen Gillan

Associate Director of Statistics & Clinical Studies – NHSBT - Prof Dave Collett

Statistics & Clinical Studies - NHSBT - Mr Mark Jones

SNOD and EPSOD Representative - Ms Kirsty McNally

Transplantation Support Services Lead - Mrs Ann Yates

IT – NHSBT - Mr David Stagg

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