Kidney Advisory Group Membership

Membership information for the Kidney Advisory Group

Chair - Prof Christopher J Watson

Deputy Chair - Ms Lorna Marson

National Clinical Lead for Governance, ODT - Prof John Dark

Representative for Newcastle and Leeds - Dr Alison Brown

Lead Nurse for Living Donation - Ms Lisa Burnapp

Representative for Northern Ireland transplant centre - Mr John K Connolly

Chairman, Pancreas Advisory Group - Professor Peter J Friend

Representative for Manchester and Liverpool - Mr Titus Augustine

Representative for South Thames transplant centres - Dr Rachel Hilton

British Association for Paediatric Nephrology representative & Chair of Kidney Advisory Group Paediatric Sub Group - Dr Stephen Marks

Representative for Glasgow and Edinburgh - Mr Marc Clancy

Renal Association/Renal Registry representative - Dr Philip D Mason

Recipient Co-ordinator representative - Ms Alison Glover

Representative for Plymouth and Portsmouth - Mr Paul Gibbs

Representative for Cardiff and Bristol - Dr Sian Griffin / Mr Najib Kadi

Statistical & Clinical Studies - Iain Harrison

NHS England - Ms Nesta Hawker

Representative for Birmingham and Coventry - Mr Nick Inston

Representative for Royal Free and Royal London - Dr Gareth Jones

Representative for Oxford and WLRTC - Dr Adam McLean

Representative for Leicester and Cambridge - Mr Gavin Pettigrew

Representative for Sheffield and Nottingham - Mr Keith Rigg

Specialist Nurse – Organ Donation Representative - Mr Phillip Walton

British Society of Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics representative - Dr Tracey Rees

British Transplantation Society representative - Dr Richard Baker

Department of Health, London representative (Observer) - Ms Triona Norman

Associate Medical Director – ODT - Prof. James Neuberger

Scientific Advisor - ODT - Prof Susan Fuggle

Head of Organ Donation & Transplantation Studies – NHSBT - Mrs Rachel Johnson

Statistics & Clinical Studies – NHSBT - Mrs Lisa Bradbury

Transplantation Support Services Management Lead – Ms Melanie Charman

Lay Member representative – Ms Victoria Fox

Lay Member representative – Ms Jacqueline Pratt

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