Bowel Advisory Group Membership

Membership information for the Bowel Advisory Group.

Chair - Professor Peter Friend

Recipient Co-ordinator Representative - Ms Carly Bambridge

Paediatric Intensive Care representative and NODC representative - Dr Joe Brierley

BSHI Rep - Deputy: Craig Taylor - Dr David Briggs

Surgeon – Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge - Mr Andrew Butler

Paediatric gastroenterologist representative & British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition representative - To be confirmed

National Clinical Lead for Governance - Prof John Dark

Lay Member representative - Ms Melissa D'Mello

Recipient Co-ordinator Representative - Ms Sam Duncan

Surgeon - Oxford Intestinal Transplant Centre and representative of PAG - Prof Peter J Friend
Deputy: Anil Vaidya

Representative from the adult small bowel failure centres and BAPEN representative - Dr Simon Gabe

Physician – Birmingham Intestinal Transplant Centre - Dr Girish Gupte

Physician – King’s Intestinal Transplant Centre - Dr Jonathan Hind

Recipient Co-ordinator representative - Ms Lydia Holdaway (Currently on maternity leave)

Public Health Advisor - Dr Edmund Jessop
(Observer – ad hoc)

Physician – Cambridge Intestinal Transplant Centre - Dr Steve Middleton

Lay Member representative - Prof Elizabeth Murphy

Department of Health, London (Observer) - Ms Triona Norman

Organ Donation – Specialist Nurse Organ Donation Representative - Ms Susan Richards
Deputy: Teressa Tymkewycz

Surgeon – Birmingham Intestinal Transplant Centre - Mr Khalid Sharif

Physician – Oxford Intestinal Transplant centre - Dr Simon Travis

Surgeon – King’s Intestinal Transplant Centre Mr Hector Vilca-Melendez

Associate Medical Director – ODT - Prof James Neuberger

Statistics & Clinical Studies – NHSBT - Dr Elisa Allen

Transplantation Support Services Lead - Mrs Ann Yates

British Transplantation Society representative - NHSBT - Mr David Stagg

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