NHSBT’s Organ Donation and Transplantation Directorate works with our partners across the NHS to increase organ donation and transplantation across the UK. We manage the Specialist Nursing Service for Organ Donation and provide funding and leadership for the UK’s Clinical Leads for Organ Donation, the Organ Donation Committees and their Chairs and for Regional Organ Donation Collaboratives. We manage the NHS Organ Donor Register and promote the benefits of organ donation to the public. We support Living Donation through our Living Donor Kidney Strategy and we commission the National Organ Retrieval Service.

On the Transplant side, NHSBT is responsible for developing patient selection criteria and organ allocation policy working with clinicians in the Organ Advisory Groups and we monitor transplant outcomes.

NHS Blood and Transplant has worked with the four UK health departments, doctors and nurses from donor hospitals, NHSBT staff, retrieval and transplant clinicians, professional bodies, voluntary organisations, patient groups, commissioners and regulators to develop 'Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020: A UK strategy'.

Published in July 2013, this sets out the ambition for the UK to build on the excellent progress achieved in the last five years and the 50% increase in deceased organ donation. The aim of the strategy is to match world-class performance in organ donation and transplantion. To do this we will need to bring about a transformation in donor and family consent to match the transformation already underway in NHS organ donation and transplantation services.

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