Living Donor Kidney Transplantation

Living donor kidney transplantation accounts for 96% of living donation activity in the UK and for 32% of kidney transplants across both adult and paediatric recipients.

Between 2000-2010, living donor kidney transplantation activity trebled in the UK in response to excellent transplant and patient outcomes which encouraged patient choice. Advances in technology, clinical expertise and changes in the legislative framework have encouraged more opportunity and choice in the options for living donor kidney transplantation; enabling the benefits of transplantation to be extended to more clinically complex recipients. It offers the best option for achieving pre-emptive and timely transplantation because of the opportunity to plan surgery in advance.

In order to build on the success of the previous decade, to promote best practice and to ensure that the UK programme has a sustainable future, NHS Blood and Transplant formally launched a UK Strategy for Living Donor Kidney Transplantation 2010-2014.

For information and guidance about the legislative framework and how it applies to living donor kidney transplantation access the Human Tissue Authority website at

For most recent best practice standards and guidelines that apply to living donor kidney transplantation access the British Transplantation Society Standards and Guidelines.

To view the information that NHSBT provides for potential donors and recipients of living donor kidney transplants access

Living Donor Kidney Transplantation Strategy 2020: Implementation

Strategy Implementation Group

The LDKT 2020 Strategy Implementation Group is a sub-group of the NHSBT Kidney Advisory Group, Chaired by Dr Aisling Courtney, Consultant nephrologist, Belfast City Hospital, with representation from across the wider transplant community. Terms of Reference are available to view. The strategy will be implemented through four workstreams:

  1. Commissioning
  2. Improving access and availability to LDKT
  3. Donor safety and welfare
  4. Recipient of LDKT at higher immune risk

Detailed implementation plans can be viewed here.

NHSBT LDKT Workshop - 7th October 2014

The workshop was supported by a faculty from across NHSBT, clinical transplantation and the scientific community. It was attended by more than 70 attendees, with representation from:

  1. Transplant surgery
  2. Living donor co-ordination; specialist nursing
  3. Haematology
  4. Nephrology
  5. Clinical Science
  6. NHSBT- Statistics and Clinical Studies; Scientific Support

The actions and outcomes from the workshop will be taken forward through the LDKT 2020 Strategy Implementation Group.

Workshop Presentations

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