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Map of Medicine is helping the NHS respond to the challenge of delivering high quality care in the current environment. Map of Medicine is a visual representation of evidence-based, practice-informed pathways. A key tool for clinically-led service improvement programmes, the Map has been shown to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare delivery costs.

The material in this area has been developed to provide healthcare professionals throughout the UK with a single access point to comprehensive resources that should be both operational and educational benefit, and may be of particular interest to clinical staff who work in areas where donation is not a frequent occurrence.

The pathways have been developed and recently revised by a committed group of Subject Matter Experts who were also involved in the design and delivery of a Professional Development Programme for organ donation leads and donation committee chairs. However the pathways should be of interest and value to all healthcare professionals who might be involved in the care of potential organ donor.

There are seven separate pathways, as listed below. Most of the pathways have a number of separate pages, and although they are best viewed interactively on-line, pdf versions of individual pages can also be downloaded / printed off for reference purposes

All NHS staff in England and Wales have access to the Map. For more information visit

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