Electronic Offering System

The Electronic Offering System (EOS) has been developed to record core donor data. Data are collected by the Specialist Nurse in Organ Donation and entered onto the database and this information is easily seen by the Recipient Points of Contacts (RPOCs) who will be able to evaluate the donor and decide whether or not to accept offered organs from that donor. It is a secure system hosted on NHSBT servers and available to all appropriate personnel.

EOS consists of the recognised core donor data set and transfers data directly to the National Transplant Database (NTxD). Data can therefore be viewed by the Duty Office who will add additional information regarding the organ placement process, including timings and the reason that a centre may decline an organ. EOS offers a number of benefits including the electronic transfer of information which not only reduces the need for the verbal transmission of complex medical information but also improves patient safety by reducing the risk of transcription errors.

In addition to recording core donor data, EOS also enables SN-ODs to enter Potential Donor Audit (PDA) data and a referral data set, information gathered about each referral made to the organ donation services team. EOS enables the SN-ODs and management team to produce reports on donation activity within the hospital, Trust or Board.

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