Work Streams

The National Organ Donation committee, at the request of NHSBT, has commissioned four specific streams of work that are directly related to the strategic objectives of the organisation. The workstreams are:

  • Donor identification and referral: a strategy for implementation of best practice Workstream Lead: Dr Alex Manara (Bristol)
  • Approaching the families of potential organ donors: a best practice guide Workstream Lead: Dr Angus Vincent (Newcastle)
  • Improving donation from the Emergency Department Workstream Lead: Dr Francis Andrews (St Helen's and Knowsley).
  • Donor optimisation: implementation of the donor care bundle Workstream Lead: Dr Gerlinde Mandersloot (Royal London)
Members of the committee are also involved in a variety of other projects, including:
  • Education and training for Intensive Care Medicine trainees
  • Donor recognition
  • CLOD job planning and governance
  • Cardiothoracic 'scout' system
  • Development of the Potential Donor Audit
  • Planning for the National Donation and Transplantation Congress, 2013
Details of these and other projects can be found in the minutes and papers of the National Organ Donation Committee.

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