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Guidance from the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence

In December 2011, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published a short clinical guideline on organ donation (CG135). This guideline, which applies to practice in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, includes detailed recommendations on how to best approach the family of a potential organ donor. Key messages from this guidance are that

  • the family approach should always be planned in collaboration with the Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation
  • the approach should only occur when it is clear that the family have accepted the inevitability of their loss
  • apologetic and negative language should be avoided and instead that donation should be presented a positive act that is part of the care that a dying person might wish to receive
  • the individual leading the family approach must be competent to do so, have the requisite knowledge to answer any family questions and have the time to take the family through what can be a lengthy process.

November 2015 - NICE has published interventional procedure guidance on Living-donor liver transplantation IPG535. Please see for more details.

NICE short clinical guideline on organ donation

NICE evidence update 2014 Organ donation for transplantation

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